Management Team

In December 2007, Mr. Kyte was elected to serve as Chairman of the Board of the Company, then known as Save The World Air, Inc. (“STWA”). In January 2010, he was appointed to serve as CEO of STWA. In November 2013, Mr. Kyte voluntarily resigned as a director, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of STWA. Since then, Mr. Kyte has held positions with the following public companies: MassRoots, Inc., where he served as a board member from late 2017, through July 2019. Massroots,Inc. was a technology platform for the cannabis industry during the time Mr. Kyte served as a director of the company; Rightscorp, Inc., where, since 2015, Mr. Kyte has served and continues to serve as the company’s CEO, and since 2016, has served and continues to serve as the company’s CFO. Mr. Kyte is also a member of the board of Rightscorp. Rightscorp’s mission is to support copyright holders’ abilities to litigate and monetize their music and other copyrights against piracy and peer to peer infringement on the internet. Mr. Kyte has mainly been associated with “start overs” rather than “start ups,” using his abilities to restructure and develop a company’s management, financial condition, compliance, and product commercialization. In addition to his current roles as CEO, CFO, and board member of Rightscorp, Mr. Kyte is also currently supporting the funding and business development for Bye Aerospace’s suite of products including the development and manufacturing of advanced civilian/military aerospace technologies. Mr. Kyte has been a pilot for 31 years. He received a B.S. Degree in accounting from Long Beach State University.

Shannon Rasmussen
Mr. Rasmussen arrived at QS Energy with critical knowledge of AOT and its demonstrated ability to reduce the viscosity of crude oil, helping operators increase flow volume and improving pipeline efficiency. As a consulting engineer for a major North American midstream pipeline company in 2014, Mr. Rasmussen experienced AOT operations first hand; in a similar role for QS Energy over the past two years, he helped spearhead critical design and fabrication improvements that have resulted in significant gains in AOT operating efficiencies, while achieving stable operations on a high-volume high API crude oil pipeline.

Mr. Rasmussen is Co-Founder of Colorado-based energy consulting firm Citrine Energy and serves as its Senior Principal. Mr. Rasmussen has nearly two decades of experience in the power and oil and gas sectors, with deep expertise in engineering design, project and program management, construction, compliance and quality. Mr. Rasmussen holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).