Management Team

Mr. Dickson returned to Kinder Morgan after working for the company in their natural gas operations for 26 years during which time he served in various capacities including Director of Operations on two major pipeline projects: the 42” Rockies Mountain Express (REX) and the 42” Midcontinent Express Pipeline (MEP). In between his stints at Kinder Morgan, Mr. Dixon served as Chief Executive Officer for Advanced Pipeline Services (APS), which provided a full range of services to the oil and gas industry including new pipeline and facilities construction, horizontal directional drilling and pipeline integrity/rehabilitation. He also was Director of Operations at Tetra Resources where he completed various onshore and offshore oil and gas wells. He also served as a Senior Engineer with Halliburton Services. Mr. Dickson earned his B.S. in Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Michael McMullen

Mr. McMullen joined QS Energy in July 2013 as Controller. In this role, Mr. McMullen designed and managed implementation of the Company’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliant internal controls and reporting procedures, and has been responsible for all financial operations and reporting. Mr. McMullen has extensive managerial and oversight experience in the areas of corporate governance, capitalization, asset valuation and risk assessment.

Prior to joining QS Energy, Mr. McMullen served in senior executive capacities across a variety of industries. As a management consultant and financial advisor to mid-market healthcare and technology entities, he specialized in providing growth and transition management oversight to companies serving hospitals and cancer centers. In his role as Director of Strategic Development at Leema Energy Resources he managed acquisition, valuation and due diligence cycles for the purchase and resale of energy-related assets acquired from distressed savings and loan institutions, resulting in sale-leaseback, leveraged buyout and resale transactions totaling $150 million. At FloWind Corporation Mr. McMullen structured domestic power plant contracts, international joint venture agreements and equipment sales contracts in excess of $200 million and was responsible for management of FloWind’s $7 million research program, resulting in the development of the company’s next generation wind turbine technology. As CFO of SomethingNow, Inc. he was responsible for all finance and operations activities related to growing this internet company from start-up to commercial operations, resulting in the infusion of $20M in capital, establishing key strategic relationships and ultimately negotiating and closing the sale of the company to a NASDAQ 100 company.

Shannon Rasmussen
Mr. Rasmussen arrived at QS Energy with critical knowledge of AOT and its demonstrated ability to reduce the viscosity of crude oil, helping operators increase flow volume and improving pipeline efficiency. As a consulting engineer for a major North American midstream pipeline company in 2014, Mr. Rasmussen experienced AOT operations first hand; in a similar role for QS Energy over the past two years, he helped spearhead critical design and fabrication improvements that have resulted in significant gains in AOT operating efficiencies, while achieving stable operations on a high-volume high API crude oil pipeline.

Mr. Rasmussen is Co-Founder of Colorado-based energy consulting firm Citrine Energy and serves as its Senior Principal. Mr. Rasmussen has nearly two decades of experience in the power and oil and gas sectors, with deep expertise in engineering design, project and program management, construction, compliance and quality. Mr. Rasmussen holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).