Application of STWA Emissions Products Result in Successful CARB and EPA Certification for Chinese ATV Product Line

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 19, 2007 -- Save the World Air, Inc. (OTCBB: ZERO) ("STWA") announced today that use of its products led to the successful completion of certification testing of an All Terrain Vehicle ("ATV"). The vehicle was equipped with STWA's ECOChargR™ and Cat-Mate® products and was manufactured by Shanghai Yide Vehicle Business Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai Yide"). Completion of their application process will clear the way for Shanghai Yide to launch its medium displacement ATV line featuring these STWA products, into all 50 states of the U.S. Shanghai Yide's EPA application process, which covers 49 of the 50 states, is expected to take 2-3 weeks and their California Air Resources Board ("CARB") application is expected to conclude approximately two months later.

John Bautista, STWA's Chief Operating Officer, commented, "The emission control devices from STWA helped Yide's 300cc ATV pass the EPA Hydrocarbon ('HC') plus Oxides of Nitrogen ('NOx') requirement by 81% and the Carbon Monoxide ('CO') requirement by 73%. Importantly, the test results also bettered the stricter CARB standards for HC and CO by 84% and 36%, respectively. Shanghai Yide is committed to establishing and maintaining a solid brand name and reputation as they begin marketing their high-quality ATVs in the U.S. market. Based on these impressive results using STWA products, we think we will be instrumental in helping them achieve their goals. We also believe the ECOChargR's performance and fuel efficiency improvement attributes will give them a distinct marketing advantage for their vehicles."

Bruce McKinnon, STWA's CEO and President, said, "We are particularly delighted with this success. The completion of the certification tests at Olson Ecological Laboratories in California is a significant milestone for our company, our China distributor, Golden Allied Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. ('GAEG'), and Shanghai Yide. We will continue to be diligent in meeting the needs of our partners and customers in light of the global effects of emission and the more recent policy changes to reduce these effects by agencies and governments worldwide."

About Shanghai Yide Vehicle Business Co., Ltd.

Based in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Yide Vehicle Business Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ATV, dune buggies and scooters. Shanghai Yide is one of the first members of China ATV Association. Its high-quality products cover various models from 50cc to 300cc. Shanghai Yide's sole U.S. Importer is Golden Allied Enterprises (Group) Co., Ltd. (GAEG) with its U.S. subsidiary GAEG USA based in Santa Cruz, Ca.

About Golden Allied Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.

GAEG specializes in assisting U.S. companies develop business opportunities in China, through a network of U.S. and Chinese businessmen, investment bankers and politicians in both countries. GAEG is the exclusive distributor of STWA's ECOChargR™ and Cat-Mate® products, in China. GAEG is now interviewing for a major United States distributor for Shanghai Yide's vehicles. For further information, contact John Bakalian, President of GAEG, at

About Save the World Air, Inc.

Save the World Air, Inc. is currently engaged in the product development and initial sales and marketing of its products which using proprietary technologies, can be installed on motor vehicles, motorcycles and stationary engines to reduce harmful emissions. The company's ECOChargR™ and MAGChargR™ devices using these patented technologies have been proven in repeated independent laboratory testing to both reduce harmful emissions including Green House Gas (GHG) emissions normally caused by catalytic equipment while still improving fuel efficiency and to enhance overall engine performance. The company's patent-pending CAT-MATE® devices have been proven to reduce harmful CO, NOx, and HC emissions caused by internal combustion engines in repeated independent laboratory testing. For more information, visit the company's website at

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