STWA's Advanced Oil Technology (AOT) Pulsed Electromagnetic Treatment Could Deliver Substantial Cost-Savings to Land-Based and Deep Sea Pipeline Operators

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Recent Testing From Temple University Demonstrates Definable Results

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - Save The World Air, Inc. (OTCBB: ZERO), an innovative pioneer in the clean technology industry focused on energy efficiency and air quality issues, reported today that its Advanced Oil Technology (AOT) could provide substantial cost-savings to land-based and deep sea pipeline operators.

"Generally, oil pipelines provide transportation, temporary storage and logistics services; they do not own the product they transport," commented Mr. Cecil Bond Kyte, Chairman and CEO of Save The World Air, Inc. "Because of this fact, it makes sense that the operators want to move as much product through their pipelines as possible. Using STWA's AOT technology could help to reduce the viscosity of the crude oil moving through the pipeline, thereby increasing its flow and the resultant time to go from point A to point B. AOT technology also alleviates the need for chemical additives to decrease viscosity. These additives are expensive, and have to be removed from the oil eventually, which further adds to the cost."

Mr. Kyte continued, "The U.S. has over 200,000 miles of pipeline, operated by literally hundreds of companies. Approximately 70% of the petroleum in the U.S. is transported via pipelines, and the American system is the largest network of oil and natural gas pipelines in the world. Europe also runs pipelines, but the network is significantly smaller. Additionally, there are hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline elsewhere in the world, and new ones are built every year, making this an extremely attractive and potentially lucrative market."

Temple University's Dr. Rongjia Tao calculated the operation cost to be minimal. Dr. Tao estimated energy cost for the operation at about 0.01 KW-h/barrel -- basically negligible. During the tests, flow rate of the oil through the pipeline [using the device] increased by 20%, and viscosity was reduced by more than 30%. These results were achieved without the benefit of additives to the heavy crude and equate to a cost of only $0.002/barrel, as opposed to as much as $20 dollars per barrel in some extraction regions.

Kyte added, "STWA will be attending the Pipe Tech Americas 2010 Summit in Houston, Texas next month. At the Summit we will be speaking to representatives from some of the largest oil and pipeline companies in the world. It is our hope that they will understand the potential of this technology and work with us to help deliver it to the marketplace."

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Save The World Air, Inc. develops and licenses patented and patent pending flux field pollution control and performance improvement technologies, including the ELEKTRA, ZEFS and MKIV, which have been scientifically tested and proven to significantly reduce harmful exhaust emissions, improve performance and enhance fuel economy. The products have been engineered to serve as either stand alone pollution control systems or can be used (in conjunction with catalytic converters) to create a more effective total pollution control system that not only reduces harmful emissions, but also decreases greenhouse gases, improves fuel efficiency and boosts performance.

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